“We have curated a 3-step online planning process to keep wedding planning effortless and affordable”


We have an online booking and wedding planning process to keep our packages affordable and effortless! The next step:

  • Send an enquiry via the below form
  • CHECK JUNK FOLDER for instant *Welcome email* with *Booking Portal* link and Elopement Brochure
  • Book a complimentary phone consultation with Sarah-Jane via our contact page HERE
  • You can expect a personalised response within 7 x days
  • Once we chat and guide you with our professional advice and recommendations, you can book via the *Booking Portal* gold button link in the *Welcome Email*
  • Allow 14 x business days for us to work behind the scenes with your vendors
  • You will then get access to our exclusive online wedding planning portals, guides, checklists, private Facebook group and more!
  • The Planning Portal will guide you through the decision process and help you with Bridal Styling, Guests, Kids and Honeymoon ideas
  • We will request a Pinterest Board with all of your inspiration to give our team a clear idea of your personal style, taste, vision and vibe
  • There is nothing left to do until we reach out with your final Questionnaire 12 weeks before your wedding! (This takes the pressure off making all of the final decisions at the time of your booking)
  • We bring your wedding together and produce a beautiful WEDDING DAY TIMELINE PDF with moodboards, list of vendors, detailed timeline, flower and styling choices and even a MAP/GPS directions for you and guests! You can expect this 2-4 weeks before your wedding
  • 24hrs before your wedding you will receive a text from SJ with weather update, request for accommodation gate codes/room numbers and general vendor coordination
  • 24hrs after your wedding you will receive a sneak peek gallery of images!

“We handle all of the *boring stuff* so you can focus on the *fun stuff*!”


How to book?

1. Send enquiry via website and receive *Welcome Email* with gold button to open *booking portal* - CHECK JUNK FOLDER

2. Select the gold button and follow the prompts in the booking portal

3. Complete booking form, electronic signature on contract, pay retainer

4. Allow up to 14-21 business days for Luxe Elopements to process your booking with your core team

5. You will receive a *Confirmation Email* with *What to Expect Next* and link to *Planning Portal* with all of our Wedding Guides

Our team will guide you step by step :)

But...we want a weekend wedding date?

Our packages are strictly Monday to Thursday wedding dates. We have negotiated midweek rates with no minimum spends with your vendors that are reflected in our packages. You compromise on a Monday to Thursday wedding date and you get high end vendors at a fraction of the price! We also find that public wedding locations like the beach are quieter midweek for an intimate experience - it's a win-win :)

Best time of year - weather + school holidays?

We have an in-depth article on our website titled WEDDING DATES under the ADVICE tab.

We recommend avoiding NSW + QLD school holidays, public holiday long weekends and festivals if you can to avoid accommodation and flights often tripling in pricing.

If you can't avoid these times due to work or school aged children, we recommend a SUNRISE wedding to avoid crowds or invest in a private venue/airbnb for an intimate experience.

Weather wise, this is dependant on your personal choices.

Do you want a "summer" honeymoon and happy to sweat it out on the wedding day? Would prefer cosy winter vibes with affordable honeymoon?

We are in a tropical environment which means rain is a part of life. If often rains each day but quickly goes out to sea and we get STUNNING lighting!

The wet season is summer. Statistically May and August are the driest months of the year.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS - Jan, April, July, End of Sept + Start of Oct, end of Dec

POPULAR WEDDING MONTHS - Feb, March, May, June, Aug, Sept, Oct + Nov

Festivals to avoid: Splendour in the Grass (end of July) and Bluesfest (Easter long weekend)

We want more than 25 x guests?

Our packages have strict guest numbers as we have negotiated discounted rates with your vendors - less guests means less work and overheads. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can have up to 25 x adult guests (depending on your package)
Plus the couple = 27 x people
Plus unlimited children under 12


You can invite guests who can be your witnesses. If you want a *couples only* elopement with no guests (or just the kids!) our team can be your witnesses :)

Can I have *just* an arbour with barefoot package?

Short answer is no. Arbours require hiring a Styling Hire Truck and they have heft minimum spends, delivery and cleaning fees. This is built into our Luxe Signature Collection (2hr Elopement). We have *Couples only* with no guests who want this package for the styled ceremony: arbour, lavish florals, signing table and chairs and we swap guest seating for additional decor like arbour draping, lanterns and candles.

Do you provide witnesses?

Yes! Our team (photographer and assistant) can be your 2 x witnesses if you want an elopement with no guests (just the kids).

Council permits

We will lodge your council wedding permit on your behalf but we are *not* liable for any breaches of terms and conditions or fines due to guests, the couple or vendors. You will be invoiced for the council permit fee, if applicable.

Council permits are strictly 2hrs (with 30mins either side for setup and backdown) and no exclusive access which means the public can be all around you or in the back of your photos.

We highly recommend choosing off peak wedding dates or SUNRISE ceremonies to avoid busy periods and experience a more intimate setting :)

Venue or Airbnb

You can have your Luxe Elopements at a private venue, wedding venue or Airbnb if we have written permission, access for team/trucks/power and it's within our travel regions.

Payment Schedule

We require a non-refundable retainer when you book to secure your core Luxe Elopements team on your wedding date. Retainer amounts are a sliding scale, per package.

Barefoot $500
Boheme $500
Signature $1000
Micro Weddings $1500-$5000

Remaining 50% balance is due 12 weeks before your wedding and the final amount due 30 days before your wedding date.

Timings: Sunrise, Sunset, Midday?

All of our weddings are scheduled for SUNRISE or SUNSET.

Ceremony Time:
2hrs before Sunset OR
15mins before Sunrise

We work the day *backwards* from sunset times to get your ceremony time. This ensures flattering lighting, guests and the couple are comfortable (not sweating/fainting/squinting) and we can ensure stunning photography :)

We simply refuse to do weddings outside of these times. Trust the professionals :)

You can read more on our article WEDDING DATES under the ADVICE tab.

Wet weather

We have an article on our website about Rain on your wedding day - it's really helpful and we highly recommend taking the time to read it and look at the breathtaking photography during serious weather events :)

Australian Government Legals

Our Celebrant will contact you with legal documents. You are responsible to lodge legals with our Celebrant at least 30 days before you can legally marry in Australia.