Top 8 x Boho Bridal Accessories - Byron Bay Edition

This one is for our wild at heart, free-spirited brides, who are dreaming of a bohemian wedding for their special day.  Boho weddings have been growing steadily in popularity for the last few years, and it’s no surprise really. Who doesn’t love earth tones and organic linens combined with overflowing florals and abundance of greenery to transform your wedding day into a bohemian wedding. 

Whether you are totally wild at heart or just love the eclectic mix of a classic wedding with casual sophistication of a boho theme, there are some definite bridal must haves. From swoon worthy bridal gowns to personalised jackets to glistening jewels to delicate flower girl dresses and accessories we have sourced some of our favourite boho must haves.

Images by Lady Bella Photography – Byron Bay

Eco Confetti 


Don’t you just love it at the end of a romcom when they throw confetti at the happy couple getting married as they leave the church!? Well now it doesn’t just have to be in the movies! The Whole Bride has created an eco-friendly confetti that guests can add to the celebrations and create that magic just married moment on your wedding day! 


Velvet Ring Boxes 


The Whole Bride is a space where you can complete your wedding day with all of the beautiful products that you need to tie your wedding story together. Their velvet ring boxes are to-die-for and really add a touch of elegance to your wedding day photography and help little hands (or the best man!) keep those all-important rings safe. 



Wearing a veil (or not) has been a hot topic for brides in recent years. While wearing a veil isn’t going out of fashion any time soon, we are seeing some other really cool alternatives to wearing a veil at your wedding, many boho brides are choosing to wear wide-brim hats. But, choosing to wear a hat doesn’t mean you can’t wear a veil. If you want to include a little touch of tradition, add some tulle to the crown, back or inside of your hat. Hats acting as headpieces — even big ones — look stunning. So the answer is yes. Wear both!

If hats are your thing and your rocking a boho wedding dress why not see if a hat works with your style? If you’re looking for a super cool hat Lack of Colour is a great place to start. 




Lawd knows your wedding day is a long day, and the last thing you want is to be standing with your lover about to say I do and your feet cramp up! Every boho bride needs a pair of fashionable but comfortable shoes you can stand, walk and bust a move in. Shoes are often overlooked by brides, as they are so often hidden by your gown. Your shoes like any other accessory can be the ultimate statement piece, like these gorgeous velvet “Passion Heels” from Foreversoles.



If you’re totally crushing on the boho vibe chances are you want to wear jewellery that reflects your personal style and is as unique as you are. Pieces that are relaxed, nature themed, and has elements of the earth and the universe. Something with stones, feathers, shells, beads and made of sterling silver, copper or brass. Jewels that are worn alone, or in layers letting your effortless style shine bright on your wedding day. Some of our favs for dazzling luxe jewels are Celeste Twikler, Salita Matthews and Frankly My Dear.


Bridal Robes

@homebodii + @thewholebride

Bridal robes are another wedding trend that is growing in popularity in 2021. When you’re busy planning your wedding it’s easy to forget those ‘getting ready’ moments are just as precious. Those quiet moments in the make up chair or a sneaky glass of bubbles with your bridal party.  Photographers are usually around to capture these moments so it’s nice to be wearing something that makes you feel beautiful and why not go all matchy matchy with your bridal party for a bit of fun? Our friends at Homebodii have some truly beautiful options for everyone. 

Custom Bridal Jacket


Your wedding should be all about you and expressing your personalities. What better way then by adding custom touches to your special day that truly reflect who you are? Being a locally owned business we have developed relationships with our amazing wedding community in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. I am Poppy Designs is an award-winning local artist who can create so many beautiful things from wedding stationary, to a live painting of your wedding ceremony to this custom jacket she made for one of our brides recently. I am Poppy Designs can help you to make your wedding day a true expression of you.

Flower Girl Dresses – @Arabella Rose 

Including little people in your wedding day can be the most precious memories for a lot of couples. Finding that perfect dress for your flower girl can be difficult, something that matches your boho style but is still suitable for a young child or pre-teen can sometimes be a challenge. If you’re looking for a stunning dresses that are perfect as flower girl dresses that are suitable for the little boho princess in your life we recommend Australian designer Arabella & Rose