Rain on Your Wedding Day? 

Every bride dreams of perfect weather on their wedding day.  It’s a roll the dice situation and hope for the best!  But it’s not all doom and gloom if the weather doesn’t fall in your favour.

Realistically if you’re on the East Coast of Australia the odds are it could rain, especially if you’re planning a summer or spring wedding.  But!  Never fear, whether it’s the wet season of summer (December to March) or the typical hit or miss 20 minute storms in April, September or October most of the time it travels out to sea fairly swiftly.  It almost never affects our ceremonies and in fact, it provides the most epic and flattering lighting!

Pictured: 2018 Cyclone Debbie Storms

They say rain is good luck on your wedding and we love this sentiment! If the weather does turn grey on your wedding day remember this old saying and put your mind at rest … storms create the most breathtaking colours and photos!  And overcast days, well the clouds create the most flattering light acting as a natural filter.  We’ll shelter in place and wait for the skies to clear, then grab our clear umbrellas as an accessory and capture those amazing post wedding feels and post stormy skies!

We are extremely experienced in these situations and will let you know IF the weather looks like it may pose a problem.  It does rain “most days” in spring/summer however it never seems to impact us as they move so quickly out to sea.  We watch the BOM radar closely, and will advise if it may be best to move your ceremony or wait it out – usually only 15-30 minutes max.  And rest assured we very rarely need to change location or reschedule.

Pictured: 2021 Feb (wet season) rained all day + cleared in the afternoon = RAINBOW!

Worst Cast Scenario…

Okay, having covered all that, I hear you asking “What happens if we can’t wait out the storm SJ?” Don’t worry we’ve always got a back up plan! 

We notify you 24hrs prior if there looks to be an imposing issue, offering with a few options like a change of ceremony time or location (think your Airbnb, reception venue or one of our partners).  The day of, we carefully watch the BOM radar and let you know when it’s safe to go outside.  Don’t forget those cute clear umbrellas!  If it looks like the weather won’t let up, then we will change locations indoors.  

ABSOLUTE worst case and the weather is a total wipe out, floods or blocked roads – we reschedule to another day you are available.  As usually the would-be newlyweds would have their honeymoon already pre-booked somewhere nearby!

And if your still not convinced, check out these AMAZING photos captured during recent weather systems. 

And if your still not convinced, check out these AMAZING photos captured during recent weather systems: