Sarah-Jane created the Luxe Elopements process to be effortless and fun. Our team handles ALL the coordination behind the scenes so you aren’t bombarded with a million vendor emails. Your time will be freed up so you can focus on the FUN stuff – like creating a Pinterest board and finding the perfect dress. 



  1. Chose your Luxe Elopements Collection 
  2. Chose your ceremony location – venue fees or Council permits may apply
  3. Reception: Book into a local rest/bar or book a private chef at your Airbnb

We have done the hard work for you and negotiated vendor discounted fees with no minimum spend, these are built into our packages! To put it into perspective, our packages on a Friday or Weekend would START at $8000 – crazy hey! You are getting award-winning and high-end vendors for a fraction of the price. But please don’t see us as a “cheap wedding”, we are a Luxury Elopement brand. 

Our packages have strict guest limitations. You can view our packages here


We are strictly only available on Monday – Thursdays. We can offer Fridays in June or July with a 25% surcharge on the final bill. Public holidays and long weekends will incur a 25% surcharge and subject to availability. We book up to 12 months in advance.


Our ceremonies are performed 2 hours BEFORE sunset or 30mins before sunrise. This is Golden lighting and the most flattering time of day. It means you and your guests won’t be sweating, squinting or have unflattering shadows across your face. It will lead perfectly into sunset portraits for you as newlyweds. 

Please note we have daylight savings in Summer. The sunsets around 7-8pm NSW time and in Winter around 5-5.30pm. 


We service elopements in the Nothern Rivers (Byron region), Tweed Coast, Tweed Hinterlands and South Gold Coast (Coolangatta to Burleigh). You can choose between a council-approved beach, garden or headland or private property. You can choose one of our approved Airbnb or find one yourself. We must have written approval from the Airbnb or private property due to strict council regulations. 

These are our favorite ceremony spots


The Australian Government requires an “Intent to Marry” legal documents lodged at least 1 month BEFORE you can legally marry. This is your responsibility as per our contract. Your Celebrant will guide you through the process. 


Important note: we have an automated email and online wedding planning process. You are not paying a traditional “Wedding Planner”, they start at $1500-$2000 JUST for wedding planning. We keep the cost down by having this unique process. After your booking, there is nothing left to do until we reconnect 6 weeks before your wedding. 

Key wedding planning milestones: 
  • book via our online portal
  • allow 7 x business days for us to process your booking with our entire team 
  • your Celebrant gets in contact to process your legal documents
  • you create a Pinterest board with your styling inspiration 
  • no contact until 6 weeks before your wedding – unless you book a phone consult or reach out
  • we reconnect 6 weeks before your wedding with our final questionnaire 
  • you will receive an email with a final questionnaire to complete 
  • our team will work on your final requests, styling guide and your Wedding Day Timeline
  • the final invoice is due 30 days before your wedding 
  • you will receive your Wedding Day Timeline 2 weeks before your wedding

A lot of couples prefer a quick chat. You can book a 30min phone consult with Sarah-Jane on our website contact page.


You can read our Covid Safety Plan with Terms and Conditions here