Daylight savings: Sunday 6th Oct 2019 to Sunday 5th April 2020


Byron Bay is set in the Northern Rivers in New South Wales (NSW). It is 40mins south of the Gold Coast, Queensland boarder (see map). To make life extra annoying…

Queensland doesn’t have daylight savings and NSW does!

This means you will fly into Brisbane or Gold Coast airport on ONE TIMEZONE (QLD) and then cross the street heading to Tweed Coast + Byron Bay and be in a SECOND TIMEZONE (NSW). 

If you are travelling from Brisbane / Gold Coast you need to allow an EXTRA HOUR or you will be an hour late. This can be very confusing for non-local vendors and travelling guests. 


If you tell your guests your ceremony is at 3pm QLD time, it means it will be 4pm NSW time:

QLD- 3pm



  1. Write both timezones on your invitations ie: Ceremony Time 3pm QLD / 4pm NSW

  2. Tell guests the ceremony time is 30mins before it actually starts

  3. Have a wedding website and include information for travelling guests

  4. Recommend travelling from Brisbane / Gold Coast the DAY BEFORE. This reduces stress on the wedding day. It reduces an daylight savings mishaps or guests getting stuck in traffic.