The best time of year to have your Elopement or Micro Wedding in Byron Bay, Tweed Coast or Gold Coast!

In this article, you will learn about our weather patterns, how to avoid school holidays, tourists and festivals! There is a link to our availability calender at the end.

You have looked around Luxe Elopements and loved our vibe, send an enquiry and booked a phone consult with Sarah-Jane on our contact page. Let’s get straight into it… 

Luxe Elopements’ unique packages are available: 

  • Mon-Thurs only
  • Sunrise or Sunset 
  • 2hr Elopement Packages
  • 6-8hr Micro Wedding Packages 

Useful information: 

  • QLD + NSW School holidays are in Dec, Jan, April, July, Sept + Oct 
  • Peak wedding seasons are March-May and Sept-Nov
  • Wet season is Summer @ Nov – Feb 
  • Statistically the driest months of the year in our region @ May + Aug 
  • Daylight savings (late sunsets, not ideal for small kids, opt for sunrise) @ Oct – April



Book a complimentary phone consultation in with Sarah-Jane and she will assess your situation and give you advice on the best month of the year for your wedding Byron Bay, Tweed Coast or Gold Coast! 

Best months of the year – BEACH


The best time of the year for your beach wedding in Byron Bay will be subjective do you want your wedding and honeymoon to be HOT full of beach days? Or do you hate the humidity and don’t want a million eyes on you?




Outside of School Holidays @ Feb, March, Sept (Start) , Nov + Dec (Start)

School Holidays @ Jan, April, Sept, Oct and end of Dec 




Think 20C days, sunset 5pm, no humidity, no daylight savings (reduced local activity) 

Outside of school holidays @ May, June, July (part of), Aug, Start of Sept 

During school holidays @ April, July + Sept

Best months of the year – VENUE or AIRBNB


The best time of the year fora Micro Wedding or Elopement at a Venue or Airbnb will be subjective to cost during peak season and your preference for weather.

You can expect peak season pricing for some venues or Airbnb during: Peak wedding, tourist season, festivals and during QLD and NSW school holidays (they overlap, check both!).



Jan, April, July + Sept-Dec



Feb, March, May, June + Aug

Key Points: 
  • PEAK wedding and tourist months – Jan, April, Sept, Oct, Nov + Dec
  • OFF PEAK wedding and tourist months – Feb, March, May, June, July + Aug
  • There are 2 x “Wedding seasons” – March to May and Sept to Nov 
  • Avoid school holidays if you want a private elopement experience 
  • During school holidays and peak tourist seasons, you can expect accommodation, flights and activities to be double or TRIPLE the price 
Ceremony times
  • Ceremony times are ALWAYS during “Golden hour lighting” to avoid sweat, squinty faces, people passing out and unflattering lighting. We want flattering lighting that creates a natural Instagram filter 😉 SUNSET or SUNRISE ceremony times
  • Sunset @ ceremony approx 2 hours before sunset
  • Sunrise @ ceremony approx 15mins before sunrise 
  • Summer sunset times @ ceremony 5-6pm, sunset 7-8pm
  • Winter sunset times @ ceremony 3pm, sunset 5pm (ish) 
Daylight Savings
  • Daylight savings is something our friends in QLD often overlook. Daylight savings kicks in mid-Oct through to mid-April. This means sunset will be late for little ones (see below)
  • If you have guests traveling from QLD to NSW the day of your wedding they will be 1 HOUR LATE if the mix up the times! We will write in RED on your timeline both QLD and NSW timings. 
  • Byron Bay and Tweed Coast are heavily affected by the following festivals: Splendour in the Grass (July), Bluesfest (April) and International Writers Festival (usually April or Aug)
Do you have small kids? 
  • Consider daylight savings and your ceremony time. The sun doesn’t set until 7-8pm NSW in summer. This means your ceremony will be around 5-6pm NSW time and the entire wedding will be during WITCHING HOUR!!!
  • Opt for a WINTER wedding when the sun sets around 5pm and your ceremony time will be around 3pm
  • Opt for SUNRISE wedding during SUMMER if you have small children! Kids are typically up early and are very well-behaved for a 6am ceremony. Follow your ceremony with a boho picnic with a breakfast grazing platter (think croissants, fruit, chia yogurt cups etc) and mimosas! 
  • Don’t forget to book COASTAL BABYSITTERS to entertain little ones while you get hair and makeup, during ceremony and/or put kids to bed so you can enjoy the night as newlyweds! Wait… that sounded a little saucy haha… we meant go out in town for a nice dinner or enjoy your Micro Wedding reception with guests 😉 
Rain on your wedding day? 

This is a common concern! After 18 months of El Nina weather events and 2 x “once in 500 x year floods” in 2022, we have a streamline process and hope this article gets you PUMPED for clouds, storms and a sprinkle of rain 🙂 

Why we love WINTER: 
  • The weather is mid with no humidity, you won’t be sweating!
  • Your ceremony will be around 3pm, sunset by 5pm which leads nicely into a reception with dinner and drinks (in town, at your Airbnb or with our Micro Wedding packages) 
  • Kids are less feral with above timings compared to Summer when the sunsets around 7-8pm and its witch hour! 
  • You will get great rates on accommodation, flights and honeymoon activities in during off peak season! 
  • Less tourists at the beach which means you get a more private elopement experience 


Why we love SUNRISE: 
  • Usually, get a completely private beach! If the surf is good you might get a few locals hitting the waves after the ceremony. Imagine long stretches of white sand with only you and our beautiful styling! 
  • It’s the only time the SUN is over the ocean! On the East Coast the sun sets BEHIND the trees/mountains and rises over the ocean – it’s truly breathtaking 
  • Kids and babies are so sweet early in the morning compared to evenings 🙂 
  • Imagine having your ceremony followed by a boho picnic with breakfast grazing platters and mimosas! 
  • What to do for the rest of the day? WHATEVER YOU WANT – relax by pool with cocktails or book an adventure! We love horse riding on the beach, whale watching, skydiving, SUP, snorkel with the largest population of Green sea turtles in Australia off Cook Island (Tweed Coast) or go for a romatic drive through our beautiful rainforests, country towns, hike Mount Warning or visit Crystal Castel or Killen Falls (Waterfalls) in the Byron hinterlands. 
!!! Important @ Availability Calendar


  • We need a minimum of 6 weeks from BOOKING to your WEDDING date. Australian Government requires a legal document lodged at least 30 days before you can legally marry
  • We don’t hold dates, first to process the booking online and pay a retainer. We manually update this calender, it is a guide and not 100% accurate. 
  • you can book Elopements up to 12 months in advance
  • you can book Micro Weddings up to 18mths in advance 
  • $500 surcharge during school holidays or public holidays
  • We are closed for Christmas and New Year period (impossible to get vendors and flower farms are closed!)
  • If you want a particular date and it says unavailable please connect. Sometimes we can book 2 x weddings on the same day with our 2 x teams or one sunrise and the other sunset. Strictly Mon-Thurs wedding dates only. 



What’s Next? 
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  3. Sit back, relax and grab a wine! Your Luxe Elopements team has everything sorted 🙂