Luxe Elopements was born 6 years ago while I was recovering from a surgery. I had the concept in my ADHD brain and I couldn't let the vision go. I sat at my couch and built the Luxe Elopements website, packages and brand (well, version #1) in 2 weeks! How did I know it was "a THING"?

Well, I was booking a lot of Elopements in Byron Bay and even the Maldives! I had a unique set of skills as a photographer, hair and makeup artist. I didn't have "minimum spends" for one brides hair and makeup because I offered packages. I had a unique perspective and I LISTENED...

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The Core Team

SJ + Leisa

“SJ is our founder and your lead wedding planner and photographer. Leisa is SJ's co-pilot and your lead Celebrant and wedding planner.


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My brides (couples) were saying the SAME thing: we want a beautiful wedding without the price tag or guest list drama. My couples were trying to save for a house, travel, blended families or wanted to start their marriage without debt. The average Byron Bay wedding at the time was $68K! That was BEFORE covid and the cost of living crisis - OUCH. They want the beautiful location, stunning florals, THE dress and epic photography... they didn't care about a bridal party or inviting Aunty-Jo's-Best-Friends-Cousins-Horse - Luxe Elopements was born :)

When I first launched Luxe Elopements, it was a one-Woman show: I was planning, photographing and doing the hair and makeup! I need to expand the team as we grew quickly and I didn't want to burn out. I had been doing weddings for many, many years and worked with hundreds of vendors. This unique insight was how I could spot the PERFECT vendor who would match my energy and obsession for the industry!

I believe the key to be a successful vendor in a competitive and fast paced industry like, weddings in Byron Bay is the following:

You need to be talented, dah, there are countless talented vendors out there... what's next?

They need to know how to run a professional business! We are talking about the biggest day of someones life. No "going on a bender and calling in sick", kiss your personal life goodbye when you book out 1-2 years in advance. You need systems, contracts, business and marketing skills.. at the very least. Okay this is getting boring... what's the absolute MUST HAVE skill?


You need to be able to walk into a room (well, beach haha) and CONNECT! You need to leave your personal shiz at the shoreline and give 200% EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Couples and their guests open their intimate worlds to us and in turn we share a bit of our soul :)

Here are my core vendors who have become the Luxe Elopements Family: *swipe on the arrow*

The team - behind the scenes :)